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Yoga Blankets

La Playa Mexican Yoga Blanket Soft, loose weave, and lightweight Falsa blanket. An easy grab and go option for the beach or a picnic. For yoga use as a minimal bolster or small pad during arm-stands or sitting poses.

Baja Mexican Yoga Blanket Soft, tight weave, and heavyweight. Large size for outdoor use and for yoga as a bolster or mid-weight covers during savasana. Includes Thunderbird blankets and Mexican Diamond blankets (sometimes referred to as "Aztec blankets" or "Southwestern blankets").

Póvoa Yoga Blanket Small batch and hand woven in Portugal. Has a slightly ribbed surface texture to prevent slipping when used for yoga (Ayurvedic yoga mats). 

Mexican Serapes Serapes love the beach as much as you do and because of the tight weave, they repel the sand keeping it on the beach where it belongs. 

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