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West Path Family

Stache Poodle Office Security Guard

(he's actually only half poodle) Loves: Drinking from the toilet, getting into trash, destroying anything of value, and being unbelievably cute while doing it all.


 Dustin Relethford CEO/ Co-Founder

West Path CEO Dustin Relethford

Loves: Surfing, snowboarding, and those little umbrellas that come in margaritas.


Jeanenne Richert CFO/ Co-Founder

Loves: Surfing, skiing, and 80's everything.


Shawna Baruh Marketing Director

Loves: Longboarding, yoga, nature and spending all day at the beach.


Drew Elsworth Shipping Ninja

Loves: Golf, Modern History, and San Diego


Maria Olivas Lead Artisan Partner

Loves: To make Dustin pronounce Spanish words with double "R's" and to laugh....a lot.


Brand Ambassadors and Contributors

Monica Villalobos

A Certified yoga instructor who loves to surf and spends most of her time in the water. Get tips and tricks for yoga for surfers on her site Find her on Instagram @Monn Cheri

Morgan Sliff

Morgan is a native California surfer from Hermosa Beach. She spent her youth surfing the local breaks of the South Bay. She set a goal to surf every day for a year. She has hit two years and is still going. Read more about Morgan hereFind her on Instagram @Ja_Morgan

 Audrey Hill

Blog contributor and surf Mom guruAudrey is a 5th generation Californian who called La Jolla home for most of her life before moving to Sydney, Australia.  She now splits her year between Manly Beach, Australia, and La Jolla.  You can usually find her surfing, body surfing, camping and adventuring when she’s not working on her blog or chasing after her young daughter, Valentina.