Giving Back

We are surfers, yogis, artists, hikers, and all around fun-havers.  We’re the one hollering at your good wave, and we’re the friend high fiving you at the top of the mountain. We’re the nature lovers, wanderlusters, and the barefoot hippies in your life.  We are West Path, your friends and your teammates.

In short, We are part of the same communities you are. And being a part of these communities makes us feel like we have the obligation protect and give back to these things we love.  

For us, giving back comes in two forms: how we source our products, and who we support with our sales.

West Path is committed to sourcing products in the most ethical way possible. This starts with the materials we use, and goes all the way through how the goods are packaged and delivered. We utilize environmentally friendly materials like vegan leather and G.O.T.S. certified Organic Cotton. We also focus on ethical manufacturing. This comes in many forms, such as sourcing local & handmade, using independent third party inspections to ensure safe and fair working conditions at factories, or by sourcing Fair Trade Certified products (where a portion of our purchase goes directly to supporting the workers who craft our products). All this ensures there’s less waste in the supply chain, happier workers around the globe, and less pollution being heaped onto our Mother Earth.

The second way we support giving back to our communities is by donating at least 10% of our net profits to charity. We work hard to form fun and unique partnerships with certified Non-Profit Organizations. One example is our partnership with SEEturtles.Org supporting our Surf Poncho - for every surf poncho we sell, we donate enough for SEEturtles to save 10 baby sea turtles!  Another example is our “Charities of the Month,” where we donate $1 for every transaction made that month. We’re stoked to be able to give back what we can, and we think the organizations we support are doing some really amazing things to better our world.

By sourcing our products ethically, and giving back what we can, we aim to create a company that has a positive impact in the communities its engaged with. Because, like you, we are a part of those communities.

Thanks for reading and thanks for helping us with our mission to spread the stoke, support our communities, and enjoy the greater things in life.

~ West Path

P.s. We’re always looking for new charities to form partnerships with, so if you know of one that is doing some good out there, you can shoot us an email about them here.


Current "Charity of the Month": Faces 4 Autism. Read about their great work and inspiring story of helping members of the Autism community here

faces 4 autism

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