How to Get the Best Bumps on your Surfboard: How to Wax a Surfboard Tutorial


 OK, so we know waxing a surfboard may be a bit basic for most experienced surfers, but hey, we were all beginners at one time, so don't hate :).

And even if you've been surfing a while, you may find this technique for waxing to be something you want to try out, it makes the wax come off quicker (makes waxing a surfboard faster), and the stick from those baby bumps sure is nice!

Anyways, here's our video on waxing a surfboard. Its all about starting with baby circles, then apply the wax by moving the wax in alternating directions: from rail to rail, then tip to tail, then diagonal one way, then diagonal the other way.

Let us know what you think!

~ Dustin


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