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Surf Wax Container - White

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t's the simple things in life that often make the biggest difference. Like when you're about to head out for a day on the ocean, it's nice to know you have your go-to surf wax in its go-to place.

Enter the surf wax holder.

No more digging around in your car for a lost box of wax, only to find half a bar of sticky bumps wax melted into your seat like chewing gum clinging to hair. No more Sex Wax looking like a white swimming pool melted onto your car dash in the hot heat.  Just one small, simple, protective Wax Holder that is your new surf compadre.

Your surf wax is your best friend, the only thing you actually need besides your surfboard (and maybe sunscreen).

Give your wax the respect and friendship it deserves; protect it from the elements, and make it a home!

 Surf Wax Holder Includes:

  • WAX: You choose Sticky bumps cool/cold, Sticky bumps warm/tropical, Sex wax cool/mid warm, or Mrs. Palmer base coat.
  • PREVENTS WAX SOFTENING AND CONTAINS WAX MELT:   built with mulit-layer construction (including a layer of foam insulation), this container helps insulate your wax -- preventing wax softening and helping to prevent wax melt in hot car temperatures. And just in case you decide to leave it on your dash in the middle of summer while in Texas, a wax repelling liner makes melted wax easy to peel off.
  • STAY CLEAN SHELL: Water resistant cloth exterior and vegan leather spine prevent sand and mud from ruining your case
  • Perfect Travel Size: Fits easily in the glove box of your car or the outer pocket of your suitcase.
  • GREAT SURF GIFT -- Adding wax to a surfboard is almost a daily ritual for surfers -- Give your surfer a gift that he will use every day!

Dimensions:  5" long x 4.2" tall x 1.8" wide

Approximate Wax Temperatures:

Cold - 60ºF / 15ºC and below

Cool - 56ºF - 68ºF / 14ºC-19ºC 

Warm - 64ºF - 74ºF / 18ºC-24ºC 

Tropical - 75ºF+ / 24ºC+

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