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Red Tide Aztec Baja Surfboard Bag

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The Baja Surfboard bag features a tight thick weave adding cushion for your board during daily use. The opening is constructed with a drawstring closure system for easy and quick access. Also now featuring an added liner for extra protection and support, and a fin slit in the tail to more quickly get your board out (or to accommodate the large single-finners out there)

  • Diamond colors vary
  • Made with liner for extra protection
  • Made in collaboration with Mexican artisans - signed by the person who hand-sewed it.
  • **Please note: the color of the center diamonds will vary.

Here are the diamond colors that go with each size (from the center of the diamond to outside edge)- if you'd like pictures just send an email to us here

  • 5'4"-5'10" - Black Liner =  Black-Blue-DarkBlue-Black  
  • 5'6"-6'0" - Black Liner = Coral-Blue-Blue-Yellow-Black
  • 5'7"-6'1" - Strap Hooks - Black Liner = Black-Orange-Yellow-Green-Maroon-Black
  • 5'8"-6'2" - Teal Liner two options (email us if you have a preference)
    • Option1) Yellow-Green-Orange-Tan-Blue 
    • Option 2) Tan-Maroon-Yellow-Black-Teal 
  • 5'10"-6'4" - Banana Leaf Print Liner =  Blue-Orange-Yellow-Navy-Black