Hawaiian Princess Kaiulani Painting
Original Hawaiian Princess Painting Ka'iulani

Original Hawaiian Princess Ka'iulani Painting by Artist Danielle Zirk

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30" x 40" Eco Friendly Acrylic / Wax Original Painting of Hawaii's Last Crown Princess

Matunas and artist Danielle Zirk, have teamed up this year to bring to life
the first ever surf wax painting.

The artist has mixed eco-friendly acrylic paint pigments, with 4 melted Matunas Organic surf wax bars, creating a special paint. We are proud to share this, one of a kind painting honoring Princess Ka'iulani!

It’s a 30” x 40” original of Hawaii’s last crowned princess, Princess Ka’iulani

About the Artist Danielle Zirk:

The artist Danielle Zirk is very passionate to use her work as a source of education into a culture that she loves, admires, and hopes to help perpetuate.

Her heart truly feels its most joy in the land of Hawaii. Every time
she learns about the stories of old Hawaii, she falls more in love.

She hopes you will learn more about Hawaii and Princess Kaiulani (you can find a movie about her here) and give her thanks for her contributions, her life and her bravery.

About Princess Ka'iulani

•Her full name was Princess Victoria Ka’iulani Kawekio I Lunalilo
Kalaninuiahilapalapa Cleghorn.
•She was the first ‘hapa haole’ (half western) heir to the Hawaiian throne.
•She was an accomplished surfer, horseback rider and swimmer.
•Ka’iulani was a musician, singer, and also danced the hula.
•She fought for her kingdom, and stood toe to toe with controversial, powerful, politicians.
•In 1886, she threw the switch that brought the electric light to Honolulu
for the first time.
•She was educated abroad for one year.
•She was 17 years old when she became the Crown Princess of Hawaii
•She died at age 23 after being caught in a storm while horseback riding in
the mountains on the Big Island of Hawaii, she became ill, never recovered,
and passed on March 6, 1899.


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