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Turquoise Aztec Baja Surfboard Bag

Handmade Surfboard Sock

The Baja Surfboard bag features a tight thick weave adding cushion for your board during day use. The opening is constructed with a drawstring closure system for easy and quick access.

Now made with a fin slit and reinforced with interior linings to keep your board protected from dings and to allow you to get your shred sled in and out of its home quickly.

Please note: the color of the main diamond  varies:

here's a list from the center of the diamond to the edge of what color it will be:

6'0 x 22" Indigo Bali Print: Diamond Color: Blue-yellow-red-black

6'1"x 21.5" heavy canvas: Diamond Color:  black-orange-red-black

6'1" x 22" Indigo Bali Print: Diamond Color:  Blue-yellow-red-black

6'2"x 21" heavy canvas:  Diamond color: black-orange-red-black

6'3" x 21.5" Indigo Bali Print:  Diamond Color: Purple-yellow-aqua-tan-black

6'5" x 22" Lightweight Canvas: Diamond Color: Orange-red-blue-black


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