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Wetsuit Changing Mat Bag

You just spent hours in the sea, time flying by as you had the time of your life. But you forgot about this part. Yep. The awkward, dirty dance in the sand as you painstakingly peel off your thoroughly wet wetsuit. You end up dirty, your car ends up covered in smelly seawater, and your wetsuit’s life expectancy drops as quickly as a snowball’s in hell.

This wetsuit bag changes all that. Enjoy a soft, cushioned surface as you change in comfort. Once you’re done, zip up the changing bag and store your wetsuit. Because it’s insulated and water-resistant, it keeps your car dry and protects your expensive second skin.

 Surf Changing Mat:

  • Change in comfort - No more dirt. No more hassle. Enjoy a cushioned surface to protect you from sharp pebbles and cold asphalt as you remove your wetsuit in comfort and without mess.
  • Keep your car dry - Zip up your changing mat with your wetsuit inside. It’ll keep your car free from the damp and infamous stink of used wetsuits. Your passengers and your nose will thank you.
  • Protect your wetsuit -Heat and rough materials damage wetsuits and make them uncomfortable to put back on again. This wetsuit changing bag is resistant to dirt and water and insulated from heat, making sure your pricey investment lasts longer.
  • Take it anywhere! - Ultra-light and flat, the changing bag is big enough to store your wetsuit but portable enough to fit into the smallest spaces in your car. Just zip it up and you’re ready to go. It even has a handy external pocket for your surfing accessories!
  • GREAT SURF GIFT -- Unless you're lucky enough to live in Hawaii, you probably change into and out of a wetsuit every time you surf-- Give your surfer a gift that they will use every day!

Tired of dirty feet and funky car odors? We are too. The wetsuit changing bag is a great, practical way to end your session in the sea on a high note.

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