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Blanket Hoodie - Charcoal Black Blanket Poncho

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100% Cotton Hooded Robe 

  • Versatile: Soft, thick, and super comfortable to lounge around the house in. 
  • Clean: Change out of the joggers you've been wearing for the past week straight and into this plush snuggie-like bliss; no one can call you out for not wearing pants
  • Cozy: Keeps you warm on those chilly mornings and during those daily nap meetings. Velour Fleece hood for added softness where it counts.
  • Convenient:​ Leaves you with free hands to send those passive aggressive emails.

Yep, that's right, our best selling hooded robe works great as your new favorite blanket robe. It's thick, warm, and hugs you like a thousand baby smurfs holding pillows. So put your feet up, relax, and let the netflix play as you stay warm, cozy, and safe inside.

Plus, for each poncho sold, we partner with SEE Turtles, a certified Non Profit Organization, to save the life of 10 baby turtles!


  • What's it made of? - Extra soft, 100% cotton. It has a thick pile made with our special woven jacquard technique. This has the texture of a blanket or thick turkish robe.
  • Will it fit me? - One size fits all! Male model is 6'1', female model is 5’5. 
  • Is it Sustainably Sourced / Eco Friendly? -We are serious about responsible sourcing. For each Surf Poncho sold, we donate to SEETurtles.Org to save the life of 10 baby sea turtles! We also independently audited this factory for safe and fair working conditions. It is made of 100% cotton (a renewable resource).  
  • Can I wash it? Yes, it's machine washable. For best results we recommend machine wash gentle cold and tumble dry low, but we've put ours through the wringer on high heat and hot water and its held up just fine :).

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