Baja Style Surfboard Sock
Lined Longboard Surfboard Bag

Baja Surfboard Bag - K38

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This handmade Mexican surf sock is the perfect surfboard day bag for those quick trips to your favorite break. The design is inspired by our trips to K38 surf spot in Baja, and It's hand-sewn by our artisan partners in Rosarito, Mexico.

These will fit virtually any shortboard up to  6'2  in length and 22" wide.

This Baja Surfboard bag features a tight, thick weave adding cushion for your board during day use. The opening is constructed with a large fin slit and drawstring closure system for easy and quick access.

  • Hand sewn by our Artisan partners in Mexico
  • Prevents minor dings and scuffs on your surfboard
  • Keeps your car clean of wax and sand
  • Fin slit to accomodate a large single fin & for easy in and out
  • Select interior lining choice/no lining option from the menu
  • Will fit boards 22" wide and less (could fit up to 22.5" wide depending on board thickness)
  • Stoke Guaranteed!

Have questions on the fit? Just email and we'll help you out.


Q: "my board is only a 5'10, will a 6'6" bag work? What size should I get?"

A: "YES, a smaller board can be put in a larger bag! We list the maximum size board that will fit this bag, we personally prefer to get a bag bigger than our board, as we like having added material on the tail (we stand our boards against our cars a lot and want the added tail protection).  We usually say that for shortboards, anything within 1' will still fit fine, and for longboards, you can go to about 2'. For reference, I keep my 5'5" fish board in a 6'6" bag and love the way it fits. My 9'2" longboard goes into a 10' bag"

Q:  "Would you recommend this for air travel?"

 A: "No. You need some serious foam padding for that. We do sell these types of bags, you can find them here. Side note: I love my boards, so I still usually throw in some added padding like a towel or yoga mat to be extra cautious, airlines typically don't understand how fragile a surfboard really is."

Q: "are these really 100% handmade?"

A "YES! the blanket is handwoven in Mexico, The sewing and final work is done with a church we partner with in Mexico (the seamstress will sign their name on our brand label!). The interiors are also sometimes even hand dyed in bali (depends on the exact print, but most come from bali and are hand-dyed or hand stamped)". You can read more about our commitment to responsible sourcing here"