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Diamond Yoga Blanket in Turquoise, Coral, & Pastel Purple

The Baja Mexican blanket features a traditional diamond with rich colored stripes. This makes an excellent throw for your bed or sofa. In yoga practice this can be used as a prop or small bolster, also as a medium weight cover during savasana or meditation. Bring to the beach for you sunbathing mermaids. 

Features include:

  • Extra Large Size: 78" x 54"
  • Cotton Acrylic Polyester Blend--Machine Washable
  • Soft and Thick
  • Heavy Weight
  • Handmade


  Please note: Due to the nature of handmade items, the color of the diamond may vary. If you'd like to see what diamond colors are in stock, just shoot a quick e-mail to and we'll send some pics your way and let you choose!


Wondering how it looks on a bed? Queen beds are 80"x 60" and double / full sized beds are 74" x 54"

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