All natural deodorant
Beeswax Deodorant Mr. B's
No synthetic fragrances, no GMO's, no zinc deodorant

All Natural Deodorant

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100% Natural Deodorant

Mr. B's All Natural Deodorant works wonders. Instead of chemicals and other harsh ingredients, it's made with natural ingredients like beeswax and cocoa butter.

It actually works great too. Mr B spent over a year  developing  this natural deodorant, and the result is a trusty bar that absorbs and kills odor-causing bacteria in sweat.

And yes, in case you were wondering, it smells wonderful.

  • 100% Natural: Beeswax, Coconut oil, Maize (corn) starch*, baking soda, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coriander, Cypress, Sage and Lavender Essential oils
  • Size: 2.5 oz.
  • No synthetic fragrances, no GMO's, no zinc
  • Depending on your climate, the stick may be more firm than expected. Simply damped the bar, (or your armpit) before applying if you desire a softer application.

Made available through a partnership with Mr. B's Necessities - A family owned, local Oceanside small business specializing in creating 100% natural bath and body products