Meet the Team

Dustin Relethford

CEO/ Co-Founder

Loves: Surfing, snowboarding, and those little umbrellas that come in margaritas.

Jeanenne Richert

CFO/ Co-Founder

Loves: Surfing, skiing, and 80's everything.

Joey Relethford

COO/ Co-Founder

Loves: Snowboarding , Traveling, outdoors, Gardening, surfing , golf, cars, and his dog Hooley



Loves: Country Music, Crème Brûlée, and hanging out at her family ranch.


Lead Artisan Partner

Loves: To make Dustin pronounce Spanish words with double "R's" and to laugh....a lot.

Stache Poodle

Office Security Guard

(he's actually only half poodle) Loves: Drinking from the toilet, getting into trash, destroying anything of value, and being unbelievably cute while doing it all.