Póvoa Yoga Blanket Blue Ocean
Póvoa Yoga Blanket Blue Ocean
Póvoa Yoga Blanket Blue Ocean
Póvoa Yoga Blanket Blue Ocean
Póvoa Yoga Blanket Blue Ocean
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Póvoa Yoga Blanket Blue Ocean

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This artisan yoga blanket is handwoven in the town of Povoa Portugal.

The weavers there use extra care to make a special weave that is extremely durable yet lightweight--great for outdoor use or as an environmentally friendly, minimalist yoga mat or meditation blanket.  It can also be used as a beach blanket, picnic blanket, or home throw.

This is not your typical fuzzy blanket; it has a durable, firm texture and tight durable weave making it perfect for wanderlust and outdoor activities.

 Why people love it:

  • The extra tight weave means it won't trap sand or dirt like most blankets 
  • Lightweight and easy to travel with
  • Extra strong construction for outdoor use
  • Vibrant colors means it makes a great accent piece, tapestry, or home throw
  • Each purchase supports a small family owned business and independent artisans
  • 100% Cotton: Eco friendly material that won't cause pollution or end up in landfills like synthetic blankets or rubber / PVC based mats

Currently offered in two different sizes:

-a "half size" which is approximately the size of a yoga mat: 26" x 80"
-a "full size" which is approximately 56" x 80" and is great for a beach blanket, camping picnic blanket, or home throw 

*please note: this is hand surged / sewn, so there will be slight size variations of +/- 1-2" 


Brought to you by through a collaboration with Mermaid Dress Portugal

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