Orange Navajo Baja Surfboard bag
Hand sewn surfboard bag
Mexican blanket surfboard bag surfboard sock
Orange surfboard sock surfboard bag
surfboard bag for 6'4" long 22" wide
striped surfboard sock
handmade surfboard sock large fin
surf board bag for large single fin surfboard sock
Orange Navajo Baja Surfboard bag features a tight thick weave adding cushion for your board during day use. The opening is constructed with a drawstring closure system for easy and quick access.  Fits surfboards up to 6'3" long 22" wide Recommended for rounded tipped surfboards only
surfboard bag
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Orange Navajo Baja Surfboard Bag

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Let’s face it - hauling your naked board to and from the surf is never a fun experience. The occasional ding off the wall, scratch from the doorframe and the cleanup after gunking out your car with wax... Not. Fun.

That all changes today. Our Mexican Surfboard Bag provides you with a simple, stylish solution for transporting your stick during light, everyday travel, and the soft, thick cushioning protects it from damage.

The best part is that every surfboard sock purchased makes the world a better place. Each bag is handmade by Mexican Artisans in under-served local communities and signed by the individual seamstress who crafted it.

● VERSATILE - lined with lightweight hand-dyed Bali Batik fabric or super slick white polyester, sewn with large fin slit for easy access
● SUSTAINABLE - Handsewn in collaboration with Mexican artisans
● FUNCTIONAL - Thick weave for cushioning and protection, with easy drawstring closure

*Please note that this is a handmade item, therefore, the sizes and colors of the diamonds may vary (diamond color listed below). We can also send a picture of a bag you are interested in, just email:

diamond colors:

6'0" x 22.5"w, Slick White Polyester-->yellow-black-red-black-blue

6'1" x 22"wide  Bali LIner --> yellow-blk-red-blu

6'1" x 22.5"w, Slick White Polyester-->yellow-black-red-black-blue


Van photo thanks to @homesweetvan

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