Portuguese Board Bags


Póvoa Surfbaord bags are tightly-woven and highly durable.  Each surfboard bag is one-of-a-kind and is hand-woven and sewn in Póvoa, Portugal.  These surf socks provide a loose protective fit and offer a quick-close drawstring system, which means less time getting your board out of the bag, and more time surfing.

Nazaré Surfboard Bags feature a special inner layer engineered to help protect your board from sun damage and repel wax and sand. These board bags also come in a variety of fabric designs to make sure your board is as unique and stylish as you are. Like all of our surfboard bags, these are individually crafted by hand, and never mass-produced.  

Brought to you through a collaboration with Mermaid Dress in Póvoa, Portugal. 

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