Coconut Soy Candle - Organic Mason Jar Candle (16 oz) Candles Matunas

Coconut Soy Candle - Organic Mason Jar Candle (16 oz)

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Handcrafted in the USA using only all natural ingredients, these soy candles are infused with organic coconut essential oils to create a light but refreshing beachy scent.

Light this candle to take in the calming notes of a tropical beach. It smells like a fresh escape to your own private island. Lighten your mood, restore your zen, and make your house smell like home. 


  • Recycled USA glass
  • 100% Natural USA grown non-gmo Soy wax
  • Hand poured in the USA
  • 16 oz. Mason Jar
  • Organic Cotton wicks
  • Organic Essential oils  
  • Smells like: a fresh escape to your own private island

Why Soy?

Soy based means you won't have that stuffy, overpowering fragrance associated with paraffin wax candles; instead, you can enjoy the light, rich, and awakening aromas of the crisp countryside air. No synthetic fragrances, no paraffin wax, no GMO's, no zinc. It's biodegradable and non-toxic, which means it's better for the earth, and better for your nose.

Made available through our partnership with Matunas Surf Wax - A family owned, Santa Cruz & Hawaii based small business specializing in creating 100% organic surf products