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liquor bottle candle
liquor bottle soy candle
liquor bottle candle soy
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Sapphire Liquor Bottle Candle

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Get something unique for your next candle. This candle is made from an authentic Sapphire Gin bottle that is cut & polished by hand, then filled with organic soy wax and essential oils. 

We took our favorite Gin bottle paired with one of our favorite scents - Rosewood & Palmarosa. We think it smells like camping with friends (woody, lemony, floral, warm & uplifting).

This extra large candle is made from organic and all natural soy -- so it won't leave that stuffy, overpowering fragrance associated with paraffin wax candles; instead, you can enjoy a light, soft fragrance that freshens the room.

  • Natural and biodegradable soy wax grown by farmers in the U.S.A.
  • Scented with 100% essential oils
  • Hemp wick
  • No synthetic fragrances, no paraffin wax, no GMO's, no zinc
  • Everything manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A. (with the exception of the essential oils)
  • Extra large size
  • Makes for a great room accent
  • Rosewood & Palmarosa. Smells like: Camping with friends (woody, lemony, floral. Warm & uplifting)