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Surf Changing Poncho

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Exhausted. Shivering. Afraid....

You finish up a session in the water, and now you have to face the almost impossible task of getting changed into chonies. Whatever cred you have instantly disappears as you’re seen awkwardly balancing on one leg, grasping your changing towel to avoid brandishing those increasingly chilly nether-regions to the world (not again).

Fear not, friend. Our Surf Poncho makes life easy again.

The super soft, 100% cotton woven jacquard feels like a warm hug from the get-go. And with arm holes that don’t leave you exposed (ladies), a length that offers privacy for the tallest of dudes, and a wide opening hood - you're fully safe and secure in your time of need.

To top it off, the poncho comes with a custom woven design, transforming you from the crazy person flailing in the wind, to the coolest kid on the shore.

  • COZY - Black Surf Poncho made of extra soft 100% cotton, machine washable woven jacquard, with a towel-like texture.
  • VERSATILE - One size fits all. Male model is 6'1', female model is 5’5. 
  • CONVENIENT - Arm holes designed for privacy, custom dimensions & large hood opening with buttons for easy on and off.

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