surfboard sock red plaid
Blue and Red Plaid Design surfboard bag. For light travel. Made for shortboards and longboards. Zipper Closure system.
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The Fenton Nazaré Surfboard Bag

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Featuring dual layer construction, this board bag is made with a soft outer layer and a wax resistant, heat resistant inner layer developed to prevent wax melt and sticky transfer from your board to your bag.

Built with a fully zippered closure system with an extra wide opening, this surfboard bag enables you to quickly get your surfboard in or out while ensuring no dangling leashes trip you up. Individually crafted, never mass produced.

  • Sizes for longboards and shortboards
  • Fits boards up to 22" wide.
  • Handmade in Póvoa, Portugal
  • Protection to your surfboard for light travel
  • Red and Navy Plaid Design
  • Brought to you in collaboration with Mermaid Dress

**Please note: because these are individually made, each one will have variations with how much black vs. plaid is on them. Some also have grey instead of black (this is listed in the size drop down). We can happily email a picture of the exact surf sock you are interested in, just send an email to asking for a picture of the product you're interested in!